The Farm Project

On the banks of the Hawkesbury River, just north of Sydney, a culinary revolution is taking place. 

Here, the Stix team is cultivating rare-breed pigs, free-range chickens and organic vegetables, all destined for the best tables in town. This hands-on approach creates a sustainable supply chain of quality produce.  

Our farms offer an innovative approach to catering, delivering the freshest produce with unparalleled flavour. These ingredients become the heroes of our dishes, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.

On the farm

Stix Events team creates a full sensory experience, bringing each planner’s vision to reality with delicious food, presented beautifully, and served with precision. 

Our produce

The Stix approach to sourcing food is two-fold: grow what we can on our farms, and then supplement this bounty by forging relationships with the best producers and suppliers. In this way, we can guarantee a year-round supply of quality produce. By cooking with the seasons, each ingredient tastes as nature intended.

Lower Portland

Carved into the winding floodplains of the Hawkesbury and surrounded by rugged forests, 80 kilometres northwest of Sydney, the farm at Lower Portland is spectacular. Stix has revitalised the site, transforming open pastures into an eighty-acre organic and free-range farm, and regenerating the riverfront to provide beaches and camp sites along the water’s edge.  


Discover 80 acres of Blue Mountain’s natural bushland and escarpment on the edge of the Hawkesbury river. 3 acres of seasonal organic vegetables, lush pastures for goats, free-range chickens and bee hives dotted throughout the bush. 

A unique experience

We offer full-service catering for intimate & grand private, social and corporate functions. Whether for an elegant wedding, an intimate in-home soiree, chic corporate gathering, or a non-profit gala, Stix creates spectacular events orchestrated to the last detail with the expertise of a talented planning team.

Our test kitchen

“Eating is a multisensory experience: what you see, what you touch, what you hear, what you smell and what you feel all have an effect,” says David Allison. 

The Test Kitchen will be a place for our valued clients to explore, learn and indulge the senses with a hands-on cooking experience.

Our Philosophy

We aim to promote ethical practices across our operations, and where ever possible encourage awareness and a growing understanding of the human footprint, and our impact on the environment

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