In-flight Catering

We treat every meal as though it’s being enjoyed in a fine dining restaurant, even if it’s 30,000 feet above the ground.

Making your flight memorable

The Experience

"The Stix team do an outstanding job for The Rockpool Group and Qantas, catering for many of our big events and preparing our dishes with culinary care and precision.” Neil Perry, February 2017.

Enhancing the flight

Today, flying and fine dining go hand in hand as airlines seek to enhance their guest experience with gourmet food and beverage options. 

Since 2010, Stix has worked with iconic Australian chef Neil Perry to create dishes for Qantas’s First and Business Class cabins. Together, we provide customers with an incomparable on-board experience, solidifying our vision for the future.

Menu Development

Our premium in-flight catering service covers all facets of on-board dining. Offering an array of hot and cold dishes, our airline menu options are constantly evolving. Following consultations with our experienced menu development team and partner chefs, Stix works closely with you to create tailored meals for your flights. We ensure that your needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded, and that our unparalleled level of service is consistently achieved.

Premium in-flight catering service

Stix prides itself on creating the finest quality airline meals for Qantas and Etihad Airways. Our premium catering service provides customers with the highest level of in-flight dining available in the industry, including First and Business Class cabins and customised special meals. 

Qantas & Neil Perry

Sydney’s most decorated caterer, Stix began working with Qantas in 2010, producing the First and Business Class cabin meals designed by Neil Perry’s Rockpool. This was the beginning of a successful collaboration, which has since seen Stix expand its facility in order to meet the increasing demand from our Airline partners. 

This growth has been attributed to our ability to replicate restaurant-quality meals on a large scale, our continuous menu development, and the guaranteed consistency of our quality assurance program.

Our Philosophy

We promote ethical and sustainable practices across our operations, wherever possible encouraging an awareness of the human footprint and our impact on the environment.

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